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Illustration by Timo Kuilder

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Illustration by Timo Kuilder

1st Online Event

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“We design delicious, as the northern aurora, so beautiful. Because we always believe that food is always delicious.”

Food is a proposition that we must face, and what we eat will always be a daily question in the human mind. How to make food more beautiful sounds like nonsense. But good things come to those who connect. Food can be delicious and can be beautiful also, and that’s what we’re going to do.

We’re here to share beautiful memories about food and hopefully add some colour to each other’s lives. If you’re just passing through, I hope you’ll stop and think about what you ate and what your food looked like today, and I think you’ll gain some new appreciation for life. If it makes you smile at the moment, feel free to follow us and make the food of life more beautiful.

Food is always delicious.